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Identity and Access Management (IAM), as defined by the The New York State (NYS) Forum, is an administrative process coupled with a technological solution, which validates the identities of individuals and allows owners of data, applications, and systems to either maintain centrally or distribute responsibility for granting access to their respective resources to anyone participating within the IAM Framework.

IAM is about aligning Penn State policies, processes, and the technologies to support managing identities and access to information.

In 2007, the IAM initiative formed to address the need for a cohesive and comprehensive identity access management strategy for Penn State. This group was comprised of approximately 40 stakeholders who spanned many administrative areas at the University. This resulted in the production of a final roadmap and eight strategic recommendations for working toward achieving that alignment. For details about the initiative and final report, please visit the History and Resources sections of this site.

As of July 1, 2009, the IAM Technical Architecture Group (IAM TAG) was formed. In addition, the IAM Governance Team is scheduled to be finalized sometime during July 2009. The Student Life Cycle Team is in the process of finalizing recommendations, to be delivered to the IAM Governance Team, which outline extending this digital lifecycle to support current and future services. More information is available via the IAM wiki.

To foster alignment and community, the IAM Web site will be transitioning to a two-way, collaborative community building site. The expected transition timeframe is mid- to late July. The current site will redirect to the new once it's ready.

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