Information Technology Services

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Information Technology Services (ITS) is a centrally supported unit that reports directly to the Office of the Vice Provost for Information Technology (IT). As part of the larger Penn State IT community, ITS ensures that students, faculty, and staff have the IT tools and infrastructure necessary to carry out the University’s mission of teaching, research, and service.

The Mission of ITS

ITS as a partner, evolves and supports IT services that enable the advancement of world-class education with global impact.


The Goals of ITS

ITS has the following five overarching goals:

Enable learning—ITS will collaborate with educational support units to research, assess, and support new pedagogical models and educational technologies, enabling growth in residential, online, and hybrid instruction. 

Support research and innovation—ITS will collaborate with research support units to develop innovative IT resources and services that enhance research capabilities, enable appropriate access to data, and maximize storage and processing potential.

Modernize enterprise systems and practices—ITS will enable data-informed decision making to drive mission-aligned administrative solutions and support enterprise operations.

Advance IT effectiveness—ITS will deliver high-quality, customer-focused IT services that scale to meet diverse needs through consistent, collaborative, and efficient practices and progressive IT staff development.

Foster a collaborative culture and community—ITS will ensure that the values and foundational principles of ITS support a healthy community of diverse and supportive staff, making ITS a highly desired place to work and a widely sought unit for collaboration.


ITS Subunits

ITS consists of the following subunits:


Administrative Information Services

Administrative Information Services (AIS) serves as the central University resource responsible for supporting administrative information systems, including the development, maintenance, and secure operation of applications using centralized student, business, and alumni databases.

Data Centers

The Data Centers is responsible for the critical facilities infrastructure of the University’s three primary data centers located in Paterno Library, Shields Building, and the Computer Buildings. The Data Centers oversees the strategic planning and implementation of these highly reliable facilities for use by all Penn State units.

Identity Services

Identity Services (IdS) manages and protects the digital identities of students, faculty, and staff. IdS works to align Penn State with government, corporate, and higher education standards to manage identities online, a critical component of research, academics, and collaboration across the University and the nation.

Security Operations and Services

Security Operations and Services (SOS) focuses on developing, interpreting, and enforcing University computer and network security policies. In addition to responding to critical IT-related incidents, SOS provides forensic and litigation support, risk assessments, and vulnerability assessments. The subunit also educates and advises the University community about security issues and policies.

Services and Solutions

Services and Solutions (SaS) works to provide superior customer service to the Penn State community. In addition to offering services that support everything from infrastructure to teaching and learning, the subunit collaborates with customers to help them reimagine their work and to provide solutions for their efforts in teaching, research, and service.

Teaching and Learning with Technology

Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) guides University students, faculty, and staff in using information technology to enrich teaching, learning, and the educational experience. TLT also supports and promotes the creative use of technology to actively engage instructors and learners.

Telecommunications and Networking Services

To meet the networking and communications needs of the University, Telecommunications and Networking Services (TNS) develops, designs, installs, and maintains comprehensive telecommunications services at each of Penn State’s campus locations.