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Service Availability

Information pertaining to availability of services, including hours, maintenance, and outages.

In order to ensure optimum performance of systems and services, ITS conducts periodic maintenance and upgrades at non-peak times. At times, unexpected outages may occur. Below is information on how maintenance, upgrades, and outages are handled.

Service/System Interruptions

  • Routine Maintenance: To keep systems running at peak performance, and to ensure the best possible service, routine testing and maintenance are performed during the daily maintenance window from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. During this time, systems and services may be affected.
  • Planned Outage: When significant upgrades or repairs are required that will result in an extended outage, an announcement is sent to the specific users of the service. If the outage will affect general University services, an announcement is posted on the ITS Alerts System.
  • Unplanned Outage: Equipment or systems may fail unexpectedly, affecting systems and services. At these times, you may be assured that ITS staff are immediately working to resolve the problem. Note that because so many systems are interdependent, the loss of one service may disrupt access to another.
  • Breaks and Holidays: ITS services are subject to change according to University calendars and schedules. Schedule changes for breaks and holidays are posted on the ITS Alerts System.
  • How ITS reports problems: System and service alerts are posted on the and the ITS Alerts System. Alerts are also distributed to the ITS Alerts mailing list and the Network of People mailing list. In addition, RSS subscriptions are available.
  • How you can report problems to ITS: To report problems, contact the IT Service Desk.

System and Service Availability

Additional information pertaining to specific systems and services can be found on the following Web sites.

Getting Help

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