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PASS Overview

Penn State Access Account Storage Space (PASS) provides universally-accessible disk space/file storage space for use by anyone at Penn State.

Upon receipt of a Penn State Access Account, all Penn State students, faculty, and staff are allocated (initially) 500 MB of online storage space. Users can increase their storage allocations to 10GB via the ITS Secure Server's Directory Quota utility. Likewise, PASS is available for departmental and course use.

PASS serves as one of three core elements of Penn State's information technology infrastructure, working in concert with the University's central authentication (proving who you are/your digital identity) and authorization (to what you have access once you prove your identity) standards. Penn State uses MIT's Kerberos v5 network authentication protocol for its central authentication service, and LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), a client-server protocol for accessing and standardizing directory information, for its central authorization service. LDAP provides the technology needed to restrict access to PASS services through the use of groups and roles.

Illustration of core elements of PASS