Faculty Guide

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Here are the basics you need to get connected and learn how to use technology to enrich the educational experience of your students.

Getting Started

Your digital identity
The Penn State Access Account is a user ID and password that represents your digital identity at Penn State. You need it to access many University Services.
Get connected
Your supervisor or the computer support staff in your department can advise you regarding computing resources and how to get connected in your department. If you need assistance with getting connected to the University's network or the Internet, contact the ITS Help Desk.
Be Safe
Practice safe computing to protect your privacy and prevent the loss of your system and files. Learn how to defend against threats such as viruses, spyware, and phishing scams.

Essential Services

Publish course materials such as syllabi, schedules, announcements, lecture notes, quizzes, and multimedia resources, and enhance course communication.
Computer Labs and Classrooms
Your students can use computer labs equipped with Windows, Macintosh, and Linux systems, including a variety of software, printers, scanners. Technology classrooms can be reserved for lecture or hands-on teaching.
Software at Penn State
Purchase computer software at an academic discount.
Access academic information, obtain class lists, submit grades, and other tasks related to instruction.
Free Downloads
Get free software for e-mail, file transfer, Web browsing, virus protection, enterprise calendar service, and more.
IT Service Desk
Get 24/7 assistance by phone, email, or at convenient locations.
Learning opportunities
Participate in hands-on training, lectures, forums, conferences, symposia, and special interest groups.
Peruse an extensive collection of traditional and digital resources.
Policies, guidelines, and laws
Learn the expectations for appropriate use of technology.
Get support for theses, dissertations, book, and Web publishing.
Learn about high performance computing resources and support.